Winter Bundle

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This is the world’s first made-to-order custom-fit goggles.

Our innovative and technically advanced goggles feature UV-protected lenses with a unique shape and superior peripheral vision. Our goggles are crafted using best-in-class materials and our innovative Optimal Fitting Technology (OFT) which shapes the googles to your unique facial structure.

This winter special of 3 x goggles is everything you need to go swimming this winter. The CLEAR MAGIC is perfect for indoor swimming and is our brightest option. The BLUE MAGIC MIRROR GOLD is our bestselling and very suitable all-round goggles. The BLUE MAGIC is good for pool swimming and outdoor swimming if conditions and not too bright, this is our second lightest goggle after CLEAR MAGIC.

CLEAR MAGIC, our brightest goggles for indoor- and darker conditions.

The BLUE MAGIC MIRROR GOLD is our #1 best selling swimming goggles! They are a part of our premium collection of mirrored swimming goggles. This version is the preferred choice for our pro athletes due to its distinct color and mirror coating.

BLUE MAGIC one of our best-selling training goggles that works well in most conditions, if it's too bright the BLACK SILVER MAGIC MIRROR would be your go-to.

The set is only sold to fit one unique person. All goggles are shipped free of charge, worldwide.
First person perspective out in the middle of a lake

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View inside the goggles

Lens Options

View inside the goggles