THEMAGIC5 Upgrades

Center Snorkel



Elevate your training sessions with TheMagic5’s swimming snorkel, carefully crafted for the modern swimmer. With its cutting-edge design and sleek color combination of deep blue and black, this snorkel isn't just a piece of gear – it’s a statement. 

- Rotatable Feature: Unique ability to rotate, letting you effortlessly take a breath at the wall without any awkward adjustments (this feature has been developed with Kasia Wasick 3x Olympian).

- Comfort-Fit Mouthpiece: Our swimming snorkel is designed with a soft, silicone mouthpiece, ensuring prolonged training sessions remain comfortable.

- Optimized Flow Design: Experience uninterrupted breathing with our precision-engineered tube that enhances airflow, allowing you to focus purely on your strokes.

- Sleek Aesthetics: Drenched in TheMagic5's signature colors, this snorkel has a minimalist look that matches your style both in and out of the water.

- Hydrodynamic Structure: The streamlined shape reduces drag and enhances stability, ensuring it stays firmly in place even during intense training.

- Durable Construction: Built with high-grade materials to withstand the demands of daily training while retaining its shape and color.


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