We live in an age where we are not content with mass consumerism - it is no longer enough just to buy the things we think we need. We want to get the right things and none of us like mediocrity.

We want to separate ourselves from the herd and to believe in the products we are using. We want the product that is best for the individual, and we don't like wasting money, time and effort on products that don't work because they were born in the era of mass production where cost and scale were everything. For us, that's what we want to change.

Man in the pool with custom goggles and TheMagic5 swim cap on


You shouldn't feel you are wearing goggles.

Man in the pool wearing goggles with head poking out of water


How many times have you stopped during a training session to empty your goggles? How many times have your goggles shifted position during a flip turn so you had to stop and adjust them? How many times have you had deep red marks around your eyes after practice? And have you lost count on the number of goggles you've gone through to find a pair that works okay?

We have experienced all of it and done something about it.
Back of man about to enter the pool, putting on goggles.


Quite simply: Swimming goggles that are tailor-made 1-to-1 to you, which therefore guarantees a perfect fit.

The parts of the goggles that are essential to creating the perfect fit are the nose piece and the gasket. When these are made to match the shape of your eye sockets, the goggles will fit like no other.

Just like a tailor measures a client meticulously we need to measure you as well. THEMAGIC5 APP acts as our tailor, we packed the app with our advanced technology which can capture and process all the data we need to make your goggles fit perfectly.

Promotional shot of all the 5 goggles and carrying case.
Graphical comparison chart of our cost to produce vs. the competitors cost to produce


It's a no brainer that it is a lot more expensive to produce a custom product vs. mass-produced off-the-shelf products. To ensure competitive pricing we have reinvented how goggles are produced by using 3D printing and advanced robotic technologies.

But there is more to the story: We have structured our business with a direct-to-consumer model where you buy the product directly from us so we can cut out all the expensive middle-men. This leaves you with more value for your money.


Smiling portrait of Bo

Bo Haaber
Co-Founder and CEO
Experienced software and tech executive | Ironman

Smiling photo of Rasmus

Rasmus Barfred
Co-Founder and CMO
Marketer and entreprenuer | Triathlete

Smiling action-shot of Niklas

Niklas Hedegaard
Co-Founder and Head Of Community
Professional swimmer +10 years 0.2sec from Olympic Qval.

Christina in the pool wearing TheMagic5 goggles

Christina Northdurfter
Customer Care
Professional swimmer - the chance is that her PB 100m breast is better than your 100m free.

Alexander smiling in black and white

Alexander Mundt
Production and Customer Care
Previous NCAA champion long distance free | Recently changed to triathlon racing for Queens University Charlotte, NC.