THEMAGIC5 Upgrades




THEMAGIC5 Card Game is the ultimate poolside companion. These durable, plastic cards are perfect for swimmers of all levels, providing challenging and varied workouts that can be customized to your fitness goals.

With 52 unique workouts to choose from, you'll never run out of new ways to mix up your swim routine. From sprints and kick sets to drills and endurance-building intervals, these cards have it all. Plus, jokers double as abbreviation cards, which will teach you swim-lingo and translate anything you might be unsure about.

Whether you're looking to improve your stroke technique, build endurance, or simply mix up your pool workouts, the THEMAGIC5 Card Game has you covered. So grab a deck, hit the pool, and get ready to swim your way to a stronger, faster, and more confident you!

Here are some quick stats:

  • 52 unique swim workouts + 2 abbreviation cards.
  • Progressive in distance from A - King
  • Shortest workout is 400 and the longest is 4500
  • The average distance is 2100
  • Features Jan Frodeno's favourite workout.

We don't like going empty-handed to the pool. We don't like swimming with watches nor having our phones out on the pool deck. We don't like writing sets on a napkin. We DO like to spend time with our friends playing cards, so why not?

Oh, and by the way, THEMAGIC5 Card Game also doubles as actual playing cards of course!


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