THEMAGIC5 Upgrades

Discovery Bundle


$138.80 $185.00
Dive into an enhanced swimming experience with TheMagic5's Discovery Bundle. Tailored for both beginners and pros, each product has been meticulously crafted alongside Kasia Wasick, 4Olympic Swimmer. 

Kickboard: Improve your kick with our ergonomic kickboard. Perfect for honing technique and building strength, it's a swimmer's best companion.

Pull Buoy: Target specific muscle groups and refine your strokes. Our pull buoy offers optimal buoyancy while ensuring you maintain the right posture.

Center Snorkel: Experience unparalleled breathing ease. Featuring a unique rotating design for comfortability, our snorkel promises seamless sessions.

Finger Paddles: Power up your strokes! Our ergonomically designed paddles offer optimal water resistance, amplifying strength, and technique.

Anti-Fog Spray: Say goodbye to blurred vision. Our premium Antifog solution guarantees crystal clear goggles, ensuring your focus remains intact.

Navy Cap: Made for comfort and efficiency, this sleek cap reduces drag while protecting your hair from chlorine, fitting snugly without any pinching.

THEMAGIC5 Card Game: Mix up your typical routine, and discover new ways to train. Our aquatic card game adds fun to your training, ensuring you're engaged and challenged with every swim.

Equipment Mesh Bag: Store all your essentials effortlessly. Our breathable mesh design ensures your gear dries quickly, while the durable build promises longevity.

With TheMagic5 Discovery Bundle, you'll have everything you need to make waves. 

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