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No two faces are the same, so no two pairs of goggles should be, either.

This principle has led us to create the world’s first truly custom fit swim goggles, designed and contoured to match the unique shape of each individual's face.

Precision Comfort Meets Unmatched Visibility

Custom Fit for Increased Comfort: The journey to unmatched comfort begins with our innovative scanning technology. By using TheMagic5 app, swimmers can scan their faces in minutes, providing our team with the precise measurements needed to craft a pair of goggles tailored specifically to them.

Enhanced Visibility Underwater: With custom fit swim goggles by TheMagic5, visibility underwater becomes clearer than ever before. Our lenses are crafted with the highest optical standards, designed to reduce glare and provide a wider field of vision than your average goggle.

The Art of Crafting Your Goggles

Innovative Scanning for Precision: The journey to your perfect pair of goggles begins not in a factory, but in the palm of your hand, using TheMagic5 app.

This isn't a mere measurement; it's a comprehensive digital modeling of your facial landscape, capturing nuances that ensure the final product is a mirror image of your needs.

Algorithmic Design Magic: Post-scan, the magic truly begins. Our algorithm processes your unique data, translating it into a design blueprint that’s as individual as a fingerprint. This digital blueprint considers the curvature of your face, the spacing of your eyes, and even the bridge of your nose to engineer goggles that belong to you and you alone.

Handpicked Materials for Supreme Quality: Only the highest quality, skin-friendly silicone is chosen for the seals, ensuring they’re soft yet durable, providing comfort that lasts as long as your swim.

The lenses are chosen for their clarity and resilience, treated with an anti-fog coating that withstands every-day use and intensity of competition.

Craftsmanship Meets Technology in Assembly: The assembly of your custom goggles is a delicate process that balances human craftsmanship with technological precision.

Each component, from the strap to the lens, is assembled according to your personal blueprint. We ensure that each piece fits flawlessly, embodying the pinnacle of personalized sporting equipment.

How They're Made

Ready To Make The Switch?

The revolution in swim goggles is here, and it’s custom-fitted, courtesy of TheMagic5.

Dive in and discover the difference personalized comfort and clarity can make in your swim.

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