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Water Bottle - 30% OFF


$10.50 $15.00

Introducing the latest addition to TheMagic5's lineup, the streamlined 21oz Water Bottle! This water bottle promises to be your favorite swimming companion both in and out of the water.

Designed with the discerning swimmer in mind, the bottle boasts a leak-proof design, ensuring your gear stays dry. The ultra-wide screw top is a game-changer for athletes on the go, making it easy to add ice cubes or your favorite hydration powder with no mess. Not just about ease of use, this bottle sets a new standard in hydration efficiency, delivering a thirst-quenching 50% greater water flow compared to other leading bottles, ensuring you stay adequately hydrated during those intense training sessions.

As athletes, we understand how important it is to take care of your body and health. TheMagic5's Water Bottle is constructed from BPA-free plastic, ensuring your hydration is clean and pure.

The ergonomic design of the bottle was made for the poolside, offering a comfortable grip that fits snugly in your hands, even when wet.

Perfect for athletes who demand the best in hydration and convenience, TheMagic5 21oz Water Bottle is your go-to accessory for staying hydrated in style. Whether you're pushing your limits in the pool or gearing up for a competition, this bottle is designed to keep pace with your aquatic lifestyle.


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