THEMAGIC5 Upgrades

Nose Clip | Ear Plugs



Dive into uninterrupted aquatic adventures with TheMagic5's Swim Nose Clip and Ear Plug Set.

Thoughtfully crafted for swimmers who struggle with keeping water out, this duo ensures you remain shielded against unwanted water intrusions.

- Comfort First: Ergonomically designed for a snug yet comfortable fit, our nose clips and ear plugs promise to stay in place without causing any discomfort, letting you focus on your swim.

- Ultimate Protection: Say goodbye to the distractions of water entering your ears or nose. With TheMagic5, dive as deep as you desire, and swim as long as you want.

- Top-Grade Material: Crafted from soft, premium materials, our set is gentle on your skin, ensuring no irritation even with prolonged use.

- Compact Case Included: Keeping track of such essentials has never been easier. With a dedicated compact case, ensure your gear is always organized and protected, ready for your next swim.


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