THEMAGIC5 Upgrades

Finger Paddles



Introducing TheMagic5's Precision Finger Paddles. Crafted for swimmers who value power and technique, these paddles are made to redefine your training sessions. 

Finger paddles are specifically designed to place emphasis on the swimmer's stroke technique. By covering just the fingers, they encourage swimmers to maintain a high elbow catch and promote a proper pull pattern throughout the stroke.

- Enhanced Water Feel: With a contoured shape designed to mimic the natural curve of your hand, feel the water like never before and adjust your stroke mechanics intuitively.

- Boost Your Power: Increase your arm strength and pull technique, enabling you to glide through the water with increased speed and efficiency.

- Durable and Long-Lasting: Made with premium materials built to endure the rigors of regular training, our paddles are a testament to durability and resilience.

Step up your training, and strengthen your pull with our finger paddles.

Don’t forget to pair them with our Pull Buoy!


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