THEMAGIC5 | Custom Swim Goggles For Elite Athletes

THEMAGIC5 | Custom Swim Goggles For Elite Athletes

"These are a game changer. The field of view has allowed me to see flaws in my swim technique and produce an instant improvement! Plus, I no longer have to worry about goggle leaks during training!” - Garland A | Swimmer 🏊‍♂️

Designed by swimmers, for swimmers. THEMAGIC5 goggles were created by a small team of lifelong swimmers and triathletes who were tired of settling for leaky, foggy, uncomfortable, and unreliable goggles.

THEMAGIC5 are all designed using our in-house Optimal Fit Technology™ so that from the moment you put them on they're the most comfortable leak proof goggles you'll ever wear. (And they look pretty darn good too)

Our Blue Magic Gold colorway is the preferred choice for our pro athletes due to its distinct color and mirror coating.


If your pair of THEMAGIC5 goggles aren't the most perfect pair of goggles you've ever worn we'll send you a new re-done pair for absolutely free.

If we still can't get the fit right after that we'll refund you in  

What does the 5 in THEMAGIC5 stand for?

A 5% edge.

We know that it is the small things, the 5%, that make the world of difference. A good or bad experience, winning or losing; whatever edge you want to gain, it’s here that THEMAGIC5 can help.


(You'll submit your custom face scan via our app after you've grabbed your goggles!)

The World's 1st Fully Custom Goggles

With just a few scans of your face using THEMAGIC5's mobile app we design the perfect blueprint for your new pair of goggles.

Using the unique contours of your face as a base we build a pair of the most comfortable fitting goggles you'll ever wear.


Big Names Feeling The Magic

Trusted by The World's Greatest Athletes

Jan Frodeno | Champion Triathlete | Coffee Connoisseur

Olympian, Ironman World Champion, or simply one of the greatest of all time...

Frodissimo has been called many things and there is no arguing he is one of the greatest triathletes to ever compete. And an elite athlete like Jan needs gear that can keep up.

Which is why he wears THEMAGIC5.

Custom crafted, leak-proof, fogless, and built to win.

Just like him.

Are you ready for your own pair of championship quality goggles?


Frequently Asked Questions

What's your refund policy?

All our goggles come with our "Perfect Fit Guarantee" which means if for any reason you don't LOVE your THEMAGIC5 goggles we'll ship you a new pair with an updated fit for free.

If you still don't love them after that - we'll refund your entire order.

How does the face scan work?

After you have made your purchase of THEMAGIC5 goggles you'll be directed to download our app where the Optimal Fitting Technology lives!

With just a few quick facial scans we'll have designed the perfect blueprint for your new pair of goggles!

Do THEMAGIC5 goggles offer prescription lenses?

At this time we currently do not offer prescription lenses with our goggles. But please stay tuned as we know this is incredibly important to many of our fans.

Where are the goggles made?

The goggles are produced in the US (Charlotte, NC). They have been designed and engineered in Denmark where we have had the opportunity to test the product and our technology with a big group of professional swimmers and triathletes.

What does "custom fit" mean?

Your goggles are custom tailored to fit the curvature of your face using your facial scan taken after you've purchased! The main "custom" aspect is the nose bridge which is designed to fit comfortably without unnecessary pressure.

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