Swimming Exercises: Active Recovery

Swimming Tips by Dan Daly

DALY Tip 1: Steady State Cardio

Low intensity zone 2 easy cardio, 6/10 intensity, conversational (if your face isn’t in the water) steady state cardio builds your aerobic base, improving both recovery between sets and higher intensities, and between workouts. Its anti-inflammatory, reducing training soreness, and accelerating healing. 80% of your training should be aerobic within a range, with key warm up, active rest, cool down and recovery sessions in Z2. 

DALY Tip 2: Soft Tissue Work 

Foam rolling, massage, acupuncture, etc. Restore functional deficits in pre-training range of motion, offset or reduce training soreness and loss of mobility. Improve circulation and relaxation. Use before sessions, between sets, post workout, and between sessions. 

DALY Tip 3: Dynamic Mobility 

Move and load through the ranges of motion you need for your activity. Use it to increase body temperature, blood flow and breathing rate, prior to a sessions, between sets, or after workouts. 

DALY Tip 4: Dynamic Stability 

Improve positional strength and control in dynamic postures needed for your sport. Develop control, and the ability to absorb and transfer forces in areas that should remain stable when others are moving fast and powerful. 



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