THEMAGIC5 provides custom-fit swim goggles as alternative PPE for nurses, doctors and other frontline workers during COVID19 crisis.

Why are we doing this?
As supplies of face shields cannot follow demand, we want to make sure that healthcare personnel has the option of getting alternative PPE for their eyes.

The benefit of THEMAGIC5 goggles as PPE VS. other Goggles?
To be clear, we encourage all swim-goggle manufacturers to help in this situation. All hands on deck are needed. What we want to ensure is that the healthcare personnel that needs to wear swimming goggles as alternative PPE many hours a day, have the option to get tailor-made swimming goggles instead of just standard goggles. 

Getting a tailor-made swimming goggle as PPE is a more comfortable choice compared to alternative swimming goggles options...

This is a real quote from the first NYC Paramedic's that got our goggles March 28th,

Erin, NYC Paramedic
    "These goggles are comfortable and secure when working in the field. They are a great alternative to my typical safety goggles that apply pressure and leave marks on my face. The seal is made for me and provides protection for my eyes so no particulate matter gets through. Best part, I don’t have to worry about fogging or clouded vision while treating patients. "

Erin, a New York City Paramedic, wearing her TheMagic5 goggles and a face mask

Dustin, NYC Paramedic
     "In NYC our personal protective equipment (PPE) is being used more than ever. Finding alternative options to effectively meet the objective is going to be important as time goes on. I would like to thank Magic5 for stepping up and helping. While swimming goggles may not have been designed to isolate my eyes from a virus, they are effective. Thank You. "

Dustin, a New York City Paramedic, wearing his TheMagic5 goggles and a face mask

What are the funds being used for?
As much as we would like to donate goggles for free, we simply can't afford to do that. Our process of custom-producing each pair for each user is a costly process and we need your help to cover that. The production takes place at our Charlotte, NC facility. 

If you just donate 15$, we will take care of the rest. In other words, if you support with 15$ we can supply 1 pair of free tailor-made goggles to healthcare personnel. 

When are the donations needed and when we can start fulfillment: 
As funds get in we will start production, right now we have raw-material ready for 2,000 goggles. Turnaround time is 1day for production + shipping time. 

How does it work:
You donate 15$. We cover the rest. 

For Doctors, nurses, EMTs + other frontline workers follow these two steps: 
1) Send us an email at and we will return with a voucher for you and your colleagues at your hospital
2) Download THEMAGIC5 app (iOS  and Android ), scan your face and place an order by using the voucher provided. 

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