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Who is Dan Daly?

How do you stand out in the seemingly saturated global online fitness market? According to a recent Fior Markets report, published by Globe News Wire, we can expect this virtual health sector will expand to over 30% in just the next seven years alone. With a field populated by an expected 49 billion fitness, nutrition, and wellness coaches, what characteristics set one coach apart? Well, you find your niche, you fine-tune it, and you do it better than anyone else. If you incorporate knowledge with grit and determination driven by success, you will stand out. Dan Daly has accomplished just that. His passion for helping others to "swim better" has become his hallmark. 

Dan Daly Private Swim Coach

As the creator of Train Daly, Dan is committed to helping swimmers. While anyone will benefit from the foundations of his training modality, it is designed for creating a technically proficient swimmer. 

Dan's trademark results-driven fitness program provides athletes of all abilities the tools to dive deeper into their practice. He combines swim-specific dry land strength, agility, and flexibility with swim endurance drills. Dan's unique training regimen assists those in achieving their overall fitness goals. Consider that he creates a distinctive, integrative step-by-step progression designed to meet the individual's needs. World-class competitive swimmers, new or intermediate swimmer, senior masters swimmers alike reap the benefits from his holistic approach.   

Dry Land Training for Swimmers

The Odessy Begins

At age 6 or 7 years old, Dan first became introduced to the world of competitive swimming. He had been taking swim lessons, yet for some reason, things had not yet clicked. He remembers not quite achieving the local YMCA swim standards. However, upon joining his neighborhood summer league, his swimming ability blossomed. He surmises that it was the competitive edge that was missing. 

Dan was born into an athletic family; his father was a collegiate football player. He credits his dad as a significant influence for instilling the importance of strength training. He taught Dan that strength combined with sports-specific training creates the foundation for the ultimate athletic pedagogy.  

While at West Chester University, Dan continued his competitive swimming career. He majored in kinesiology with the intention of a collegiate athletics department career. But he discovered an innate talent for assisting his fellow teammates with training and nutrition. His guidance began yielding measurable results. Furthermore, friends and family began seeking his expert advice. It was at this point that he first considered a personal training career. 

Dryland Training for Swimmers

Dryland Training for Swimmers

Shifting Gears; Finding a Calling

At first, Dan took what he calls a generalist approach to personal training. Burnt out from years of swimming, he focused his energies elsewhere. He began building his toolbox to include all types of training modalities. His research included such methodologies as kettlebell training, powerlifting, nutrition, Animal Flow, Yoga, and precise mobility techniques. These were only a few of the ideologies that formed the spokes of his wheelhouse. 

At the time, he provided services to a broad demographic at Equinox in New York City. He worked with anyone who walked through the door who desired personal training. His interest in swimming further waned, and he tried other sports, such as water polo and obstacle course racing competitions. He felt his swim focus diminished. 

Dryland Training for Swimmers

Consequently, Dan noticed the bulk of his clients were athletes who sought to improve their performance. Time and again, his services were called upon by elite marathoners and triathletes, as well as hobby swimmers. Additionally, he realized that most endurance athletes tend to neglect their strength and mobility traits. 

Dan's gears shifted, and a more holistic training approach evolved. He found himself creating sessions built around dryland swim-specific strength exercises and agility movement. Not surprisingly, his client's sports performance improved. Further, they had less incidence of injury, and they experienced a healthier overall quality of life. Slowly he arrived at the realization of his embedded swimming nature; it was, at last, he came to understand it would not be best to ignore his calling. These revelations eventually led to Dan co-creating the Equinox signature group swim program EQX H2O.

Dryland Exercise for Swimmers

A Catalyst For Change

Dan is proud that he created and maintained a thriving personal training career in New York City. He started a family, channeled his competitive spirit, and lived with a purpose. But, in March 2020, that all changed when NYC went into lockdown due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Gyms closed, and he suddenly faced a potentially life-changing decision. 

Dan credits the profound experience of the pandemic as the catalyst catapulting the evolution of his career. It was not long before he parted ways with his employer and transitioned into his own business. Train Daly was born out of a leap of faith based upon trust. Since deciding to develop Train Daly, Dan has worked tirelessly building his brand and online presence. 

Utilizing his vast swim experience and diverse land training skills, Dan produced a unique program. It specifically trains the athlete to improve form and function both on land and in the water. He went from training folks in one small neighborhood in NYC to coaching athletes in nine countries! Every day he feels blessed to provide valuable knowledge to people that improve their fitness and health while fundamentally changing their lives. Clearly, his work embodies his passion and verve. 

Dan Daly Open Water Swimming

The Value of Net Worth

Quoting famous author and public speaker Porter Gale, Dan believes that "your network is your net worth." Fundamentally, he understands that your net worth goes beyond the bottom line and profits. He strives to create a strong foundation for his clientele. He aspires to partnerships with companies that have what he believes are good intentions. When he read about THEMAGIC5 he knew he wanted to be a part of the movement. Together we endeavor to broaden our reach to the public and raise awareness about swimming. 


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I enjoyed reading about Dan and look forward to the exercises. I love my swimming and keen to improve.

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