Announcing a Partnership with Swim Coach Dan Daly

This is The Moment

They say that timing is everything, right? Well, that couldn't be truer than this moment. THEMAGIC5 is excited to announce that we will be partnering with Dan Daly, founder of Train Daly.

Train Daly is a unique online training program that fuses swim-specific dry land strength and mobility techniques with classic water drills. Over the past year, with the Pandemic closures of gyms and community swimming pools, Dan has built a vigorous internet presence. He has achieved this feat by working tirelessly through social media and other internet resources. His business expanded from a small neighborhood in New York City virtually across the globe.

While his innovative training modality is geared to swimmers, anyone of any age or ability will benefit from his technique.

With this partnership, THEMAGIC5 will share unique training content on a weekly basis from the Train Daly, coaching concept. 

Dryland Training for swimmers

Poised for a Paramount Transformation

With the world recovering from the Pandemic, and the advent of the 2020 Olympics taking place in the summer of 2021, we are poised to transform the swimming industry. Over the past 50 years, not much has changed technologically in the swimming world, until now. 

Goggles are an essential tool in every swimmer's toolbox. Since 1968, when first introduced to the industry, there have been a few design upgrades for certain. However, there was one element always lacking: trust. Googles are a notorious source of frustration for swimmers. Just about every swimmer can relate a story about strap or seal failure during a crucial moment in competition. Further, no matter how hard a swimmer tries, they never seem to achieve a perfect fit. 

Dryland Training for swimming

Goals for Our Mutual Audience

Our goal at THEMAGIC5 is to provide our customers with the ability to improve and succeed. That is why we are most thrilled about sharing our product and our message, through a partnership with a mutual authority in swimming. Dan Daly is a paradigm. He has proven his distinct ability for generating a superior coaching system while making it available through valuable online content. Our partnership will benefit our audiences, from the competitive elite athlete seeking to dominate to the recreational swimmer looking to get in shape.

Kettlebell and swim workouts

The partnership between THEMAGIC5 and Dan Daly provides our mutual clients with unique content and product announcements, available only on our platform. Dan impressed us with his distinctive program. His exemplary communication methods help the athlete connect the dryland training with swim techniques. 

Experience the Difference

Imagine that as a swimmer prepares to dive into the water, they don their battle gear. Each athlete has their particular regalia they slip into and ceremony they perform, whether during competition or for practice. These factors are the building block of a swimmer's idiosyncrasies. The athlete who employs THEMAGIC5 in conjunction with the Train Daily methodology will not only experience a difference but will achieve measurable improvements.

We are at the cusp of making an indelible mark on the swimming world. Together we hope to generate a precedent that will transform the sport of swimming. The partnership between THEMAGIC5 and Dany Daly is built upon a passion for swimming. Both brands' primary objective is to provide swimmers with a better experience. It is about contributing that additional magical 5% that will propel the athlete past their goals. In doing that, we will have achieved our veracious purpose: building a brand based on trust providing quantifiable results.

Do you want to know more about Dan? Click Here.

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Hi Tim,

Starting March, we will share 1 new blog post a month with content from our Train Daly Partnership. Each Tuesday in a month, we will publish new training content on our SOME account while also updating the blog post with the newest shared content for that month.

Best Regards

THEMAGIC5 23 febrero, 2021

Are you going to send these training videos out to me regularly because I’m on your email list, or do I need to sign up for them?

Tim Mehrens 23 febrero, 2021

The swimming videos are not that nice…no high ellbow! Better ask Jan F. ;-)

Thorsten 20 febrero, 2021

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