Jan Frodeno is Going to Miami

Jan Frodeno has announced he will be racing the upcoming Challenge Miami on 12 March. It will be his first race since 2019 and his first race wearing THEMAGIC5 goggles. THEMAGIC5 caught up with him to see how he was feeling heading into the race, what athletes he’s looking out for, and we found out what special item he’s packing in his suitcase.  

Jan Frodeno Racing in Miami 2021


TM5: First things first, how excited are you to race again?

Excited is an understatement. For a while I thought 2019 may have been the last time I get to race so for the next day to finally arrive, it gets my adrenaline flowing.

TM5: When did you actually decide to race Miami? Was it always a possibility? Or a last minute decision?

It was pretty last minute, about 7 weeks before the race. It takes me a while to get into race shape so the short timeframe makes it even more exciting. 

TM5: The start list is pretty impressive. Who are you most excited to race against? Why?

So many good athletes... Ben, T.O. [Tim O’Donnell]. Of course Lionel is always a great competitor—I just love the way he goes and leaves nothing out there. I haven’t had the pleasure of racing Matt Hanson who seems to be a weapon in the run and of course there’s my old training partner Nick Kastelein, who’s also in great shape. And then there’s always a surprise candidate, especially after such a long time of no racing.

Jan Frodeno Ready To Race Miami


TM5: What are your thoughts on the format? Are you looking forward to the shorter distances? How does that impact your race strategy and the competitors you will be watching?

Honestly any format is good. I prefer the slightly longer half distance but this will be a good challenge too, especially this early in the season.

TM5: In Daytona, we saw many athletes struggle to run after riding in the aero position for so long. Do you think that is a factor at Challenge Miami?

It’s harder to time trial a flat course but I see most of the field with good experience and it’s not really something to phase the long course crew too much. 

TM5: What have you missed most about racing? What have you missed the least?

The nerves. The nerves.

Jan Frodeno Preparing for Miami Challenge


TM5: You’ve been in the sport so long, you’ve proved to everyone you’re unflappable when it comes to unforeseen challenges. Did you handle coronavirus with the same poise and approach as any other challenge?

Maybe. I think the key is to not be all consumed by anything—as long as you realize that what we do is a pleasure and privilege you realize that there are no problems, only opportunities.

TM5: Were there any changes to your race prep because of the pandemic that you will continue with after restrictions have been lifted?

Well, swimming is still tricky here with pool times, bookings, and restricted slots, but that’s life. I’ve incorporated my kids way more into my day and that’s a habit not going anywhere soon. 

TM5: Your new café, La Comuna, just opened in Griona. Are you travelling to Miami with some of the signature Frodissimo coffee?

Is the pope a Catholic?

Alternative Prep for Challenge Miami


TM5: It’s your first race with Magic5 goggles, which lenses will you be using?

Blue Magic Mirror Gold will be my color option—for now. Stay tuned for something cool we’re working on.

TM5: Any advice to the age groupers who are racing this weekend?

Enjoy the race—we never know when the next one is going to be on!

Post-Race mood!


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I bought three TM5 6 months ago. I had a few problems with the brazilian customs, but I am so happy because I always had a lot of difficult with my narrow face and now my TM5s are perfects. I have been talking about with all my triathlete friends. Thank you TM5.

Amilcar Altemani 17 marzo, 2021

Dear Ladonna,

You purchase the product here on the website first, then you download our app and scan your face. Once we have that scan we will produce your goggles and ship them to you!

Feel free to reach out to us on contact@themagic5.com, if you have any questions!

Best Regards

THEMAGIC5 09 marzo, 2021

How do we get these goggles

LaDonna Olson 09 marzo, 2021

Saving up for these goggles. My house is taking all my time and money at the moment. Tried to find where to sign up for the give-away, but the link takes me back to Jan’s page. Not that I’m tired of looking at Jan……

Can you sign me up?



Patti Mikulski 09 marzo, 2021

Randy I just tried to look up your account but can't find a match for "Randy Bartlett". Anyway, please reach out to our customer service at contactthemagic5.com.
If one of your goggles is good and the other isn’t then it’s most likely a production error.

Alternatively, if the first pair was ordered some time ago the difference in the performance of the product comes down to our Fitting Algorithm – it constantly improves as we get more and more customers, more data translates into a better algorithm.

Regardless, our customer service team will help you out with a solution for the pair that’s not a wow-experience.

Best Regards

THEMAGIC5 04 marzo, 2021

The gasket on my 1st pair of Magic5 goggles started leaking after 2 uses. How can I get them repaired or replaced?!? My 2nd pair are the Blue Magic Mirror Gold and they’re great at filtering out the blue light on my ocean swims!-)

Randy Bartlett 04 marzo, 2021

So cool to see Jan on the Magic5 team!! Love these goggles, I’ll be checking out the Blue Magic mirror Gold!!

David Steindam 04 marzo, 2021

I’ve been using TM5 goggles for about a year now. The fit is great for me, and know that when racing starts up again, they will give me that little edge.

Stephen Handel 02 marzo, 2021

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