Finding the right sized nose piece is important

How To Change Nose Pieces In Normal Swimming Goggles

Swimming goggles are an essential piece of equipment for any swimmer, whether you're a competitive athlete or just enjoy swimming for leisure. Choosing the wrong nose piece can cause leaks or discomfort while swimming. In this article, we will discuss how to change the nose pieces on your swimming goggles to ensure a comfortable and leak-free swim.

Identifying the Nose Pieces

Before you can change the nose pieces on your swimming goggles, you need to identify what type of nose pieces your goggles have. There are three main types of nose pieces: nose cushions, nose clips, and interchangeable nose pieces. Nose cushions are small rubber pieces that are attached to the goggles and sit on the bridge of your nose these can not be changed. Nose clips are plastic pieces that clip onto the nose bridge of the goggles, these can be changed. Some old school googles “sweedes” have a string that can be manually adjusted to the width of your nose.

Removing the Old Nose Pieces

Once you have identified the type of nose pieces on your goggles, you can begin removing the old ones. It typically require a little bit of force to disconnect the nose pieces from the frame of the goggles. You have to pull each goggle eye in the opposite vertical direction – you might have to twist the goggles just a bit.

Choosing the Right Replacement Nose Pieces

When choosing replacement nose pieces, it's important to consider the size and shape of your nose. If you have a wider nose bridge, you may need larger nose pieces, while a smaller nose bridge may require smaller nose pieces. It's also important to choose nose pieces that are made from a comfortable material, such as silicone, to prevent irritation while swimming.

Attaching the New Nose Pieces

Once you have chosen the right replacement nose pieces, it's time to attach them to your goggles. For nose cushions, simply push them onto the goggles until they are secure. For nose clips, use the pliers to gently clip them onto the goggles. For interchangeable nose pieces, screw them onto the goggles until they are secure.

Adjusting the Nose Pieces

After attaching the new nose pieces, it's important to adjust them to fit your nose comfortably. Put the goggles on and adjust the nose pieces until they sit comfortably on your nose without causing any discomfort or leaks. You may need to try different sizes or positions to find the perfect fit.

Goggles with the perfect fit

If you are struggeling to find goggles that fit without leaking our causing discomfort you might want to consider getting custom fit goggles as they are tailored to your face. You can read more about custom fit swimming goggles here.