Next target: $10,000 in donations then fulfilment to healthcare workers will be resumed.

COVID19 Update
Every Monday we will cover the progress of our COVID-19 response and how our amazing community is helping frontline workers by donating 15$ which enables us, THEMAGIC5, to provide free custom-fit goggles to nurses, doctors, and other frontline workers. 
Goggles shipped as alternative PPE for Healthcare workers: 
Week 1 = 300 goggles

Week 2 = 604 goggles (Due to lack of funding we had to stop fulfillment Friday, read more below).
Week 3 = 604
goggles (Will open-up for fulfillment when funding reach $10.000 USD).  

Comment from our Co-founder, Rasmus Barfred:
"We have started to get feedback from healthcare workers and it's great to see our goggles doing a difference on the frontline!".
Received funding from our amazing community, customers, friends, and family:
Week 1 = $5,372 from 100 unique donors. 
Week 2 = $ 8,062 from 166 unique doners.
Week 3 = $ 9,347 from 189 unique doners.
Comment from our Co-founder, Rasmus Barfred:
"To make sure that we manage our initiative as good as possible, we have decided to open up for shipments to healthcare workers in increments to make sure that we are not sending out goggles in daily stop-and-go while funding lasts. The next target where we will open-up funding is $10,000 when that target is reached we have additional 64 goggles we can send out. Private donations are still very welcome, every 15$ help 1 person on the frontline". 
What are the funds being used for?
As much as we would like to donate goggles for free, we simply can't afford to do that. Our process of custom-producing each pair for each user is a costly process and we need your help to cover that. The production takes place at our Charlotte, NC facility. 
If you just donate 15$, we will take care of the rest. In other words, if you support with 15$ we can supply 1 pair of free tailor-made goggles to healthcare personnel. 

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