Diving Deep with Unfiltered Waters: The Ultimate Swim Podcast

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Unfiltered Waters is not just a podcast but a journey through the lives of Olympic champions Missy Franklin and Katie Hoff.

With their rich backgrounds in competitive swimming, they bring some very unique insights and stories from the world of elite sports.

Launched in early 2024, this podcast dives deep into the untold stories of athletes, combining personal anecdotes with expert perspectives on sports and mental health.

Meet the Hosts: Missy Franklin and Katie Hoff

Missy Franklin, known for her radiant personality and backstroke prowess, and Katie Hoff, a medley specialist with a history of record-breaking performances, bring a wealth of experience to the podcast.

Franklin is a multiple Olympic gold medalist and a star at the London 2012 games, and Hoff has been a dominant force in international swimming, notably at the World Aquatics Championships where she is an 8 time World Champion.

Here they are in action, interviewing multiple time olympic champion Caeleb Dressel:

The Essence of Unfiltered Waters

The Unfiltered Waters Podcast explores the complex reality of athletic life, focusing on both triumphs and challenges. It provides a platform for athletes to share their unfiltered stories, including the mental and physical demands of sports. The podcast is praised for its honest and raw content, making it a unique offering in the sports podcast landscape​

Check out this clip from Unfiltered Waters where Missy Franklin and Katie Hoff discuss their experiences using TheMagic5 goggles!

The Unfiltered Waters Podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in swimming, Olympic sports, or simply looking for inspiration from two of the greatest swimmers. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a casual fan, Unfiltered Waters offers a compelling look at what it takes to excel both in and out of the pool.

Where to Listen

You can listen to episodes of Unfiltered Waters across a variety of platforms, making it easy to tune in from wherever you are in the world. Choose your favorite from Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or YouTube to enjoy their deep dives into the world of swimming and beyond. Check out their links here:

Also, be sure to check out the podcast and its hosts on social media!

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