Jan Frodeno partners up with THEMAGIC5

3 x Ironman® World Champion (KONA) 2019, 2016 and 2015 Jan Frodeno has picked THEMAGIC5 as his goggles partner - makers of the world’s best-fitting swimming goggles.
Jan Frodeno Using THEMAGIC5 Goggles
Jan Frodeno Swimming with THEMAGIC5 Goggles
A 2008 Olympic gold medalist, Frodeno won his third Ironman® World Championship (KONA) in 2019. This past April, he completed an Ironman at his home in Girona, Spain, raising over $250,000 for hospital workers fighting the coronavirus. Frodeno swam 2.4 miles in his counter-current pool, cycled 112 miles on his roller trainer, and ran a full 26.2-mile marathon on his treadmill, reaching over 320 million viewers via Livestream.

Frodeno completed the swim portion of his at-home Ironman in a pair of THEMAGIC5 Blue Magic Mirror Silver goggles, unbeknownst to the THEMAGIC5. After the Ironman, he reached out to THEMAGIC5, expressing interest in a partnership.
"I was intrigued by the concept and have been amazed by how the product lives up to its promises,” Frodeno says. "A lot of other brands claim a perfect or premium fit, but they’re all one-size-fits-all. These goggles are different. They are custom-made, and that means they actually fit you.” 

THEMAGIC5 makes the world's first and only custom-fitted swimming goggles, designed to match the contours of a user's face. The mobile app utilizes an advanced facial scan to capture unique data points used to model the nose bridge, gasket, and other custom components of the goggles. The result is a custom-fitted, supremely comfortable pair of goggles that don't leak water, leave pressure marks, or distract. 

Equipped with the power of unprecedented fitting technology and design, the world's best triathlete now wears the world's best swimming goggles.

"I've never felt more comfortable in the water," Frodeno says. "These goggles get me excited to swim"
Jan Frodeno Swimming with THEMAGIC5 Goggles

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In mexico where can I buy them
I have a small head sometimes I use junior size

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