Fenella Langridge



Date of birth

March 5, 1992



Fun fact

Growing up, Fenella was always the fist in the water, at the pool or at the beach, and the last one out. “Once on holiday, I was in the sea so long my mum called the lifesavers.”

“Most people don’t get to go play in the water for fun or for their job. For the age groupers, it is fun. Everyone else does it as a hobby and for enjoyment. It still feels like that for me so as long as I’ve got that element of enjoyment or fun or enthusiasm, you’ve got a long career in the sport."
“Swimming with people makes the sessions more lighthearted and makes the sessions go a lot quicker and easier [...] If you’re doing relays, you’re more likely to swim that second faster if you’re doing it for your teammate.” 
Fenella, a TheMagic5 athlete, prepares to jump into the water for a swimg