COVID-19 Response Week 1

Every Monday we will cover the progress of our COVID-19 response and how our amazing community is helping frontline workers by donating 15$ which enables us, THEMAGIC5, to provide free custom-fit goggles to nurses, doctors, and other frontline workers. 

Goggles shipped as alternative PPE for Healthcare workers: 
Week 1 = 300 units. 

Comment from our Co-founder, Rasmus Barfred:
"300 goggles and voucher codes for more than 50 hospitals/clinics/EMTs have been the result of the first week, that is amazing. All this has been from reaching out to our community and asking all you to spread the word our share our GoFundMe campaign. We have seen a lot of requests from NYC and New Jersey hospitals, but it's not limited to those two states, we have shipped goggles throughout the US, and we expect this to continue as the demand for PPE rise not only in NYC but throughout the country."

Received funding from our amazing community, customers, friends, and family:
Week 1 = $5,372, from 100 unique donors. 

Comment from our Co-founder, Rasmus Barfred:
"We are stoked that 100 individuals have funded our COVID-19 initiative and accumulated more than $5,000 in funding. Current funding levels equals around 350 pairs of goggles that we can ship and that's really great. Though we need more funding to be able to continue our help. We do expect a surge in demand when the first 300 goggles get into the hospitals - when others see our goggles being used as PPE they are most likely to reach out and place an order with us too.

What are the funds being used for?
As much as we would like to donate goggles for free, we simply can't afford to do that. Our process of custom-producing each pair for each user is a costly process and we need your help to cover that. The production takes place at our Charlotte, NC facility. 

If you just donate 15$, we will take care of the rest. In other words, if you support with 15$ we can supply 1 pair of free tailor-made goggles to healthcare personnel. 

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Dies ist ein großartiger Artikel. Du hast das Thema auf jeden Fall gut recherchiert. Whydonate ist auch eine großartige Alternative zu GoFundme. Alternative zu GoFundme

Alternative zu GoFundme 30 mayo, 2023

Dear Shannon,

Thank you for your comment, we are excited that we have been able to help. Since Monday we have sent out an additional 300 goggles which means that we are currently behind in terms of funding but we are working hard to get it other people on board to support our initiative.

I suggest that you reach out to, when we will make a voucher code, and let you when when it is active again. :)


Rasmus Barfred 10 abril, 2020

I read about the eye protection you are making for healthcare workers! This is amazing and thank you SO much. I’m actually wondering how to get a pair? I am a nurse working in Tacoma Washington, I had surgery on my nose a couple months ago and am having trouble finding eye protection that doesn’t hurt the bridge of my nose. Now that I’m wearing eye protection more than ever, finding something I can put on and leave on without having to constantly touch to adjust has been a challenge.

Thank you again for all you are doing.

Shannon M Getman 10 abril, 2020

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