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After more than 200,000 goggles sold over 4 years now, we like to think we're changing the swimming experience for the better. The days of leaky, uncomfortable goggles are over. We love making our customers happy and we appreciate the feedback our customers provide us with.

Let's take a look at some reviews on TheMagic5 Goggles from some experts in the swimming industry.

TheSwimList Review

Beau Cormier of TheSwimList got a hold of TheMagic5 goggles and provided his thoughts in a piece titled "8 Best Swim Goggles In The Pool". Beau Cormier was an NCAA Division I Swimmer and is now an esteemed swim coach.

Beau ranked our signature custom-fit goggles as the best overall swimming goggles for comfort, noting that the style and practicality of the goggles separates them from other goggles on the market.

Deep Dive - TheMagic5 Review by Matt Legrand

Matt Legrand is a seasoned triathlete and content creator. Matt has been in the athletic space for years and has managed to build an impressive youtube channel where he posts triathlon related content, including gear reviews and tips and tricks.

Matt noted that our goggles were great for visibility, and the low profile nature of our goggles were great for racing in particular. In Matt's humble opinion, the fit of the goggles is second to none, and he noted how snug his pair felt during his swim.

Check out Matt's review on our goggles below!

Swim Swam News

In an article posted by SwimSwam News, one of the leading media outlets for all things swimming, SwimSwam analyzed the goggles and their rise to popularity, noting the comfortability, practicality, and uniqueness of our goggle.

Click here to read the article!

The Dive In Review

Divein.com is one of the fastest growing gear review sites among multiple sports. They had a chance to get a pair of TheMagic5 goggles and give their review on the experience, rating TheMagic5 a 4.8 out of 5 stars! 

Divein loved the fact that our goggles were leak-free, mark free, and even came with multiple extra nose bridges for the perfect fit!

Check out the review

YourSwimBook Review

YourSwimBook helps swimmers from all walks of life to develop self-confidence, overcome pre-race anxiety, and master the process of improvement so that they can train their best at practice and swim their hearts out at swim meets.

In their review, TheSwimBook had a lot of great things to say about our goggles. They noted the ability to keep them loosely fastened on your face without leaks or goggle marks was a major plus, and it's something which is unique to TheMagic5. They also mentioned TheMagic5 is perfect for those "hard to fit" swimmers out there who just can't seem to find a pair of swimming goggles which they are satisfied with.

Click Here to read their review for yourself!

Triathlon Taren's Review

Triathlon Taren is a triathlon and youtuber who has been in the sports space for decades. His youtube channel has a whopping 159,000 subscribers, all subscribing to him to follow the triathlon related content he puts out. Taren put out a video where he reviewed TheMagic5 goggles and gave his honest thoughts.

Taren was pleasantly satisfied with the fit, comfort, leak-free experience he received after unboxing TheMagic5 goggles and going for a test run with them on. After trying countless pairs of goggles in his time as a triathlete, he mentions that he finally found a pair which feels natural to wear. This has been our goal from the start, and we're glad to hear customers positive experiences with our goggles.

Watch Taren's review below!

We're happy to hear that our customers are enjoying and getting good use out of the products we put so much effort into producing.

Thanks to all of our community out there, happy swimming!

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