In the world of competitive swimming, few stages are as revered as the Olympic Games. For Ivan Puskovitch, a dedicated TheMagic5 athlete, the dream of racing on this global stage has become a reality.

Recently qualifying for the Paris Olympics in the Open Water 10k, Ivan’s journey from a young age group swimmer to an Olympic athlete is a tale of perseverance, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence.

Read on to see some insight on Ivan's start to the sport, challenges he's faced, and his resilient mentality.

Ivan's Start + Early Motivation

At the tender age of 10, Ivan broke the National Age Group (NAG) Record in the 10&U 500yd Freestyle, an early glimpse of the extraordinary path that lay ahead.

Raised in the swim-rich culture of suburban Philadelphia, Ivan found himself inspired by local legend Fran Crippen. Crippen's legacy of passion and dedication deeply influenced the budding swimmer, embedding a profound sense of purpose and commitment in Ivan's approach to the sport.

At the age of 13, Ivan made a pivotal change in his training environment, choosing to swim under the guidance of Dick Shoulberg and Chris Lear, the same coaches who had mentored his idol, Fran Crippen.

Immersing himself in the training culture that had shaped Fran's career, Ivan found even greater inspiration from the legacy left behind. This move not only deepened his connection to his swimming roots but also strengthened his resolve and dedication to the sport.

A Test of Resilience

Fast forward to Ivan's 20's. Just as his career was soaring high, fate dealt Ivan a harsh blow. Just 2 months after qualifying for the U.S. National Team, During a shift at his delivery job, Ivan was involved in a serious accident that resulted in a shattered skull, necessitating reconstructive surgery.

The injuries were severe, particularly affecting his eye socket, cheek bone, and the area around his temple. This incident posed significant challenges, both physically and mentally, as he faced a daunting road to recovery. Without family nearby in California, the support of his girlfriend and her family became his anchor, aiding his recovery and teaching him the value of community and shared strength.

"You can’t climb a mountain alone," Ivan reflects on those challenging times, grateful for the support that helped him through.

The Rigor of Training

Back in the pool, Ivan's training regimen is as intense as it is strategic. Spending 11-12 sessions a week at sea level, and even more during altitude camps, Ivan combines high-volume swims with high-intensity speed work.

His focus on recovery is meticulous, involving compression devices, massage guns, and red light therapy, ensuring his body remains primed and ready for the demands of each session. "Recovery is paramount," he states, underlining the balance required to maintain peak physical condition.

Mental Fortitude in the Waters

For Ivan, the mental challenge of swimming, especially in the open waters of the Olympic 10k, is as daunting as the physical. His strategy? "Control the controllables."

This mantra helps him focus on his own performance rather than external factors, breaking down the overwhelming task into manageable, moment-to-moment victories. "The best thing I can do for myself is to only let myself exist within each stroke: one stroke at a time, one lap at a time, racing one person at a time. This allows me to mentally stay in the present moment, and chunking such a long race like the 10k down to smaller portions like this makes it much more manageable from a mindset perspective."

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