In the world of swimming, every detail counts. From your technique to the gear used, each element plays a crucial role in performance and comfort. Among the most critical pieces of equipment for any swimmer is their goggles.

Goggles not only protect the eyes but also significantly affect visibility and comfort during swimming.

This is where TheMagic5, with our revolutionary custom-fit, comes in. But what sets our custom swim goggles apart in a sea of standard options? The secret lies in our bespoke fitting process.

Tailor-Made to Your Eyes

We've pioneered a groundbreaking approach to swim goggles, offering a custom fit that promises unparalleled comfort and performance.

The process begins with a mobile app, customers scan their faces in a simple, guided process. This scan captures the unique contours of each face, ensuring that the produced goggles conform precisely to the individual's facial structure.

This bespoke approach means no more generic fits – each pair of goggles is as unique as the swimmer wearing them.

Our Robots Get To Work

Once your facial scan is complete, TheMagic5 utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze the data. This analysis considers the distance between eyes, nose bridge width, and facial contours, among other metrics, to create a 3D model of your goggles. This model is then brought to life using high-quality, soft silicone that molds perfectly to the contours of your face.

The result? A seal so perfect that it drastically reduces the risk of leaks, which are all too common with off-the-shelf goggles.

Moreover, this custom fit significantly minimizes pressure points, offering comfort that lasts throughout long training sessions or competitions.

The Game-Changer for Swimmers

Swimmers of all levels, from casual enthusiasts to competitive athletes, can now enjoy a level of comfort and performance previously unattainable.

We've not only created a product; we've introduced an innovation that tackles one of the most common complaints among swimmers – ill-fitting goggles that compromise their performance and enjoyment of the sport.

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