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Ever glance at a written swim workout and think to yourself: “what the heck does that even mean?” If so, you’re certainly not alone. The jargon and language in the world of swimming can be overwhelming at first glance and can leave you feeling intimidated. Getting started in swimming can be scary, especially if you’re not sure what workouts to do. 

​​In this article, we'll explore 3 easy swim workouts for beginners that will help you build confidence and improve your swimming skills. Some of these workouts will require the use of equipment. Here’s the best equipment for a beginner swimmer to have.  Whether you're new to the pool or just looking to change up your routine, these workouts are a great place to start.

Jedes dieser 3 Trainingseinheiten ist für ein 25-Yards-Becken konzipiert.

Training Nr.1 "Das Intro"

Warm-up: 100 Yards nach Wahl (4 Runden)

3 x 50 yards choice 

3 x 50 Yards Beine

2 x 25 Yards schnell

100 yards ausschwimmen

Total: 650 Yards

Explanation: You’ll start with 200 yards of your choice. This can be Freistil, Rückenschwimmen oder Brustschwimmen… whatever gets you warmed up and ready to go. Next, you’ll do three 50 yard swims at a moderate pace, your choice of stroke. Take as much rest as you need after each effort. Then, you’ll repeat 3 x 50 yards, except this time you’ll be kicking. Use a kickboard for this, or you can lay flat on your back in a streamline position and kick that way. Finally, you’ll do 2 x 25 yard swims as fast as you can. Take ample rest in between efforts, if you’re doing it right, you’ll need it. 

Make sure to swim an easy 100 yards to cool down at the end to flush out any lactic acid from your body.

Workout Nr.2 "Ausdauer aufbauen"

Warm-up: 200 Yards nach Wahl (8 Runden)

4 x 100 Yards Schwimmen mit Flossen

4 x 100 yards swim 

1 x 100 ausschwimmen

Gesamt: 1100 Yards

Explanation: The point of this set is to build your aerobic endurance. Don’t attempt to swim every repetition at max effort. In fact, you should swim each 100 at a very comfortable pace that you can sustain for the remainder of the workout. 

Start with a 200 yard warm-up of your choice. Next, you’ll want to slap some fins on and do 4 x 100 yard swims. Rest as you need. Focus on lengthening your stroke and utilizing the increased propulsion the fins give you. Then you’ll repeat the same distance of 4 x 100 yards, this time without fins. It should feel slightly more difficult after removing the fins, try to work through this. 

Mindestens 100 Yards ausschwimmen

Workout Nr.3 "die Pyramide"

Warm-up: 200 yards choice swim (8 laps) 

1 x 50 Yards schwimmen

1 x 100 Yards schwimmen

1 x 150 Yards schwimmen

1 x 100 Yards schwimmen

1 x 50 Yards schwimmen

(Wenn Sie Lust haben, wiederholen Sie die Pyramide 2x)

Total: 650 - 1100 Yards

1 x 100 ausschwimmen

Explanation: Dieses Training ist wie eine Pyramide aufgebaut, wobei die Schwimmstrecken ansteigen und nach und nach wieder abfallen. Nach dem Aufwärmen beginnen Sie mit 50 Yards Schwimmen. Dann schwimmen Sie 100 Yards, dann 150 Yardsund schließlich wieder 50 Yards. Bei längeren, eher aeroben Trainingseinheiten ist es wichtig, dass Sie Ihr Tempo selbst bestimmen. Beginnen Sie immer mit einer Geschwindigkeit, die Sie über die gesamte Dauer des Satzes halten können. Wenn Sie die Pyramide abschließen und eine zusätzliche Herausforderung suchen, schließen Sie die Pyramide zweimal ab!

These 3 workouts are all suited well for beginner swimmers and can help you build endurance, strengthen your legs, and even increase your speed. If you’re interested in more swim workouts, schauen Sie sich unsere Trainingskarten an! As always, remember to stay hydrated during exercise, especially if you’re swimming outdoors. Go at your own pace and be mindful of your body’s limitations. 

Remember to focus on your swimming form as well, as it's very important. There are lots of resources available for improving technique. One of the most effective is live coaching underwater from Zygo.

Wenn Sie weiter trainieren, werden Sie eine deutliche Verbesserung Ihrer Schwimmausdauer feststellen.

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