The best goggle is a goggle that fits

How To Fit Normal Swimming Goggles

Fitting a new pair of swimming goggles to get the best possible fit entails a few steps which we will go through below.

  • Position the goggles correctly
  • Use the right sized nose piece
  • Adjust the strap length to get the correct tension

Positioning the goggles correctly

This is the easiest step. Makesure the goggles are positioned around your eye-socket.

Find the right sized nose piece

Your goggles comes with a few extra nose pieces in different sizes. This is to account for the varying distance between eyes. Some people have a very short distance between their eyes while others have a longer distance between their eyes. You should find the nose piece which allow the goggles to fit comfortably over your nose bridge without any significant gap on either side of your nose. This might require a bit of testing to find the right sized nose bride. If you don’t get this right, it’s difficult to achieve a fit you can tolerate.

Getting the goggle strap tension just right

Find the right tension of the strap can be a challenging task. It is a delicate balance between not having to little tension on the swimming goggles trap so the swim goggles will leak. On the other hand you don’t want to much tension on the strap so you get:

Therefore it can take some time to find a tolerable fit with normal one size fits all goggles. As an alternative, we have developed a custom-fit swimming goggle where the gasket of the goggles is personalized to the shape of your eye-socket – you can read more about that product under our How It Works section.