Swimming Exercises: 4 exercises every swimmer needs

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Swimming Tips by Dan Daly

Exercises every swimmer needs Every swimmers dryland program should include some variation of lower body, push, pull, core.

Tip 1/4 Lower Body:
Swimming is a full body sport - don't forget leg days!. Strong legs means
strong kicks, a good simple exercise is squat, if you a not familiar with this
exercise simple remove any weights and do regular non-weight squats.

Tip 2/4 Push:
Your swimming will be improved if you have a strong chest. You can do simple
bench press as shown in the video below, but push-ups is a great alternative if
you don't have gym equipment at home or by your pool.

Tip 3/4 Pull:
Here we're focusing on your arms. You can do pulls with equipment, again in a
no equipment situation, pull-ups is a great alternative.

Tip 4/4 Core:
Core training is what gives you stability in the water, do not underestimate
this. There’s a vast set of exercises you can do at home; Situps, abb rolls,
plank (can be done on your knees), side planks etc. in the video below, I’m
showing a bit more advanced exercise that is most suitable to do in the Gym.

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