OCEANMAN Announces Exciting Partnership with TheMagic5

OCEANMAN, the renowned international open water swimming series, goggles. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for both entities as they unite to revolutionize the open water swimming experience. 

At the heart of this partnership lies a shared commitment to excellence and innovation. Unlike conventional swim goggles, TheMagic5 offers a unique solution with its custom-fit goggles, providing swimmers with unparalleled comfort, performance, and reliability. Each pair is meticulously crafted to fit the individual contours of the wearer's face, ensuring a snug and watertight seal that withstands the rigors of open water environments.

"For OCEANMAN, partnering with TheMagic5 was a natural choice," said Fermin Egido, CEO of OCEANMAN. "Our swimmers deserve the best, and TheMagic5's revolutionary approach to swim goggles aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver unforgettable experiences in open water swimming."

One of the distinguishing factors of OCEANMAN is the incomparable thrill and challenge it offers to swimmers. Unlike traditional pool races, OCEANMAN events immerse participants in awe-inspiring natural landscapes. This partnership with TheMagic5 reinforces OCEANMAN's commitment to enhancing every aspect of the swimmer's journey, from preparation to performance.

“Open water is where all swimmers can get memorable experiences for life. But when you’re in open water, you can’t just stop and fiddle with your goggles like you can in the pool—you have to be able to trust your equipment.  Making reliable, comfortable, and high performing custom goggles is exactly what we at THEMAGIC5 provide so every swimmer can have a better open water experience. “ Said Rasmus Barfred, Co-founder THEMAGIC5.

As OCEANMAN continues to push the boundaries of open water swimming, this collaboration aims to empower swimmers worldwide to pursue their passion for swimming with confidence.

For more information about OCEANMAN and TheMagic5, please visit https://oceanmanswim.com/ and https://themagic5.com/ 

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Could the new partnership now provide motivation to offer prescription goggles? Outdoor swim racing requires long distance sighting, not everyone can wear contact lenses…

Andrew 02 April, 2024


Markus Fritsche 02 April, 2024

These are exactly what we need!

Eric 02 April, 2024

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