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The SMOKE MAGIC is a must have in your training bag. It is the ideal workhorse when it comes to the best swimming goggles for training purposes as it works in most conditions. It is the perfect swimming goggles for indoor use while they can also be used outdoors if the sun is not too strong. If you are one of the lucky ones to swim in an outdoor pool with very sunny condition, you might want to check out our mirrored collection (click here).

As with all other THEMAGIC5 goggles, the SMOKE MAGIC is custom fitted to you to provide an optimal fit and be the most comfortable swimming goggles you have tried. Regardless of whether you are looking for the best goggles for kids, women or men, THEMAGIC5 goggles will be fitted to your unique facial contours. Click here to understand how we custom fit the goggles to you!

All goggles are shipped with tons of love, and:
1 x Luxury casing to protect your goggles
1 x Luxury surprise accessory