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The ORANGE MAGIC MIRROR GOLD is a part of our mirrored swimming goggles collection. The GOLD mirror coating makes them great outdoor goggles, but they are definitely not too dark to be used indoors. What makes these goggles special from all other goggles is that they are personalized swimming goggles custom fitted to you. You don't have to worry about where to find goggles that fit. It's very easy to get a pair of your own.

They are affordable, and all it takes is a few minutes with your phone. Buy your goggles now, download our app and do a facial scan with your phone so we can understand how to fit the goggles to you. When you have completed these steps you will have your goggles in less than 10 days. Want to know more details about the production and how we make your goggles then click here.

All goggles are shipped with tons of love, and
1 x Luxury casing to protect your goggles
1 x Luxury surprise accessory