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The ORANGE MAGIC is a part of our non-mirrored swimming goggles collection. It is produced with our Optimal Fitting Technology™ which makes them ideal goggles for all swimmers. Going against the current we are not marketing our goggles as "one size fits all", instead we say "one size shall fit only one". Finding goggles that fit all faces is practically impossible, which is why THEMAGIC5 goggles are custom fitted to each individual user.

It is convenient too! You don't have to find a store to scan your face, you can do it all at home while sitting comfortably on your couch. Download our app (iOS and Android) do the scan and get your custom fitted goggles within 10 days. 

All goggles are shipped with tons of love, and:
1 x Luxury casing to protect your goggles
1 x Luxury surprise accessory