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Joining the referral program is easy. Once you have made a purchase you have already joined, there is no need to sign up. Our app is designed so that it will register referrals automatically. This is done when you let your friends and family know about THEMAGIC5 and scan a new person with your phone. The only thing you have to remember is to add in their shipment details instead of your own. So why bother? It is a win-win (win). Every time you refer a friend or family member you automatically earn 15% of the purchase as a reward, which you can use to purchase your next THEMAGIC5 product. But it is not only you who redeem, the person you are referring also gets 15% discount on their purchase. On top of that, you help us spread the word about THEMAGIC5 and for that we are forever grateful. There are no limits on how many friends you can refer - pretty cool, right?