TheMagic5 - Custom Fitted Goggles
Founded in 2017. First prototype: Summer 2017. Kickstarter: Top 1% biggest campaigns in history: November 2017. Production setup and fulfillment of Kickstarter backers: May 2018. Commercial breakthrough sold to more than 80 countries and used by several Olympians: November 2018. Nominated as one of the most promising newcomers of the sports industry by ISPO Brandnew: December 2018. Improving sport by offering more customized products through technology.
2019 Recap. Customers in 100+ countries: January 2019. Press coverage in leading publications: Men's Health, The Today Show, Women's Health, etc: June 2019. Introducing self-learning fitting algorithm - from now on the fit of every goggle gets better and better: August 2019. COVID19 Response; Supply 600+ frontline workers with free goggles as alternative PPE: March 2020. Announce long-term partnership with Greatest of All Time Triathlete - Jan Frodeno: August 2020. The fit is our core, that's what no one else have been able to do like us.
We haven't invented the entire wheel, we are just focused on what matters. Why our customers say that our goggles take them to the next level... 1) Custom fitted gasket: We will custom produce the gasket of each goggle to match the exact facial curvature of the user, particularly around the eyes. This creates a snug fit that does not rely on suction to prevent water from leaking in. 2) Nose bridge: We will also ensure that the goggles are fitted with the correct nose piece for each individual. 3) Other features... Of course, out goggles are crafted from the top-of-the-line materials, treated with anti-fog, UV Protection, etc...
How does the magic happen? Frequently asked questions: 1. How do you know how to produce the goggles so that they will fit me perfectly? Well, it's actually pretty easy. Simply download our app and scan your face. After this step, we have all the data required to know exactly how to produce your custom fitted goggles. How much do they cost compared to normal goggles? Around the same price as other high-end goggles (~55 dollars a pair). Purchase, download app, and receive!
Our history is driven by a common frustration. Niklas has been a pro-swimmer for years, Bo & Rasmus were consumed by the world of Triathlon. They were brought together by a common issue. Failing equipment that made it difficult to focus and progress. Swimming is like an art, most can do it but few can do it very well. To master swimming, you have to focus on the details almost invisible to the naked eye. Goggles that don't fit, fill up with water and have to be adjusted every few hundred meters is an impediment, a bad excuse to stop training early and a challenge we wanted to overcome.
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