Do you ship Globally?

Yes! We ship globally. With US expected shipping is 5 working days, outside US expected shipping time is 5-10 working days

Is the APP available for both iOS and Andriod?


What happens if my scan is not good enough?

When you do the scan, out app is programmed to on the spot test if the scan is of high quality. If it is not, the app wil guide you during the scanning process to improve the scan. If, there are any challanges with the scan, that makes is difficult for us to create YOUR goggles, then we will reach out to you directly to ensure the quality of your scan

Are the goggles made in the US?

Yes, the most complicated and high tech part of the goggles have been developed and is produced in the US. The design of the goggles have been made in Scandinavia, where we have been inspired by contemporary and modern style the characterizes our orign.

What should I do if i typed the wrong shipping address when i ordered my goggles?

Write to us at, and we will do everything we can to change the destination of your goggles. If your goggles have already been sent, we will provide you with contact information for our shipping partner.