Pink Magic Mirror Gold


The world's first custom-fit swimming goggle- in pink! Previously called Limited Edition White Pink, we've now made these sellouts a THEMAGIC5 staple.

Mirrored, but without being darkly tinted, these goggles are great for both indoor and lower light outdoor settings- and worn by professional and recreational athletes alike. 

As with all our goggles, the PINK MAGIC MIRROR GOLD is produced with our Optimal Fitting Technology™, which means that the goggles are produced for you and only you. Based on a facial scan, the goggles are produced to fit the curvature of your face. This creates the best possible conditions for having the most comfortable, non-leaking swimming goggles. If you want to know more about this process and how to get these goggles in just 10 days, click here. 

All goggles are shipped free of charge, worldwide include goggle cases.

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