Introducing the world's first custom fitted swimming goggles. All goggles are crafted using best-in-class materials and our innovative Optimal Fitting Technology (OFT). This technology ensures the goggles are fitted to each unique user.

LIMITED EDITION TEAL MAGIC is part of our limited edition goggles collection. There will only be a limited amount available and the limited colors usually sell out in a couple of weeks. So hurry up if you think this color is for you!

THEMAGIC5 goggles are ideal for swimmers at all levels – whether you are an Olympian swimmer, a triathlete or someone who likes to go to the pool occasionally. No matter why you swim and where you swim, your goggles serve the same purpose: To keep water out, be comfortable and provide the best view possible. With THEMAGIC5 custom fitted goggles you will get the best swimming experience due to our Optimal Fitting Technology (OFT), our innovative design and the use of best-in-class materials.

All goggles are shipped free of charge, worldwide and include goggle cases.

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