At The Perhentian Island Marathon Challenge

The Perhentian Island Challenge is a 16km marathon open-water swim in around the Malaysian island, Perhentian  

Derek Bulstrode participated in the 2018 edition and we are super proud that he decided to use our goggles for this very long swim! 

Tell us in the comments what was your longest session you've ever completed?We are excited to hear your stories.💙🏊

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@IAMGROOT…..Nothing, not a drop. I was waiting for it, but pleasantly surprised. I actually didn’t lift/fiddle with them for the entire time. Had no need to.

Derek April 26, 2019

Nice looking pair of goggles. Presume no leakage over the six hour swim?

I am Groot April 25, 2019

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"Ich konnte nicht spüren, dass ich eine Schwimmbrille trug"

Daniel Skaaning, 3x Olympionike