Ben Kanute, US Olympian Has Joined THEMAGIC5 Family

We are stunned that the Olympian Ben Kanute is joining THEMAGIC5 family. Ben has proven himself one of the most promising Triathletes on the international stage, and with his 1st place at Ironman® 70.3® Oceanside his 2019 season has started strong. As a previous swimmer, Ben is one of the strongest swimmers in the pro-field making him an even better partner for THEMAGIC5. 

Ben Kanute
"Having a custom fit goggle is a great way to help a swim. The last thing you want in a swim is a goggle malfunction, uncomfortable goggles, or an impaired view. THEMAGIC5 goggles solve all of these issues and allow me to focus on the task at hand. Triathletes are always looking at how to get faster through technology, and this is a great way to pay attention to those little details to help make you race faster."

We expect a lot from the partnership with Ben, he is an amazing athlete and can help us show the triathlon world that you no longer have to settle with standard one-size-fits-all goggles.

"Ben is a dream-partner for THEMAGIC5, he is a great athlete and a super cool guy, but on top of that, he meticulously pays attention to all details of his gear - why he chose THEMAGIC5's custom-fit goggles instead of standard one-size-fits-all goggles. On top of that, with his strong swimming pedigree, Ben can help us in the process of further improving our product" - Niklas Hedegaard, Head of Community & Athletes. 
Ben Kanute THEMAGIC5 Goggles


Ben Kanute THEMAGIC5 Goggles

Ben Kanute THEMAGIC5 Goggles


Ben Kanute THEMAGIC5 Goggles

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"I couldn't feel that I was wearing Goggles"

Daniel Skaaning, 3x Olympian