Our customer manifest - we care about you and we're committed to help you.

Dear Customers, 

Your satisfaction and excitement with your goggles is the most important thing for THEMAGIC5. We have not decided to develop a completely new, innovative and extremely complex product if we did care about our customers and the experience you are having with your goggles. If you have any questions about your goggles or considering buying a pair check out our Help Desk our feel free to reach out. 

Among other things, this is why we have a second-to-none guarantee for you as a customer. Our fit-guarantee is meant as a sort of satisfaction guarantee, if you don't like the goggles we will refund your purchase, the only thing we require is that you give us feedback on your first pair of goggles so that we have a chance to re-produce a pair for you. If that one does not work, we will refund your purchase. 

Our customer care team are devoted to helping you with whatever question(s) you should have. Check out our Help Desk where you can find answers to most questions right away if that does not give you what you are looking for please reach out to contact@themaic5.com.

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Best Regards
Co-founder of THEMAGIC5

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