This is how you complete the scan in minutes. Easy.

The perfect scan might require one or two tries. Most importantly is checking your setup and by following a few simple rules.

Follow these tips and tricks to complete the perfect scan:
- Check that you are connected to high-speed Internet (Wi-Fi)
- Stand with your back against an even surface such as a wall or a door
- Check that you are in constant light exposure
- Do not wear anything that can cover your eyes such as caps, glasses etc.
- Hold your phone approx. 15in (40cm) from your face
- Move your phone very very slowly
- Keep your head centered at all times

If you follow these steps you should be able to complete the scan in 30-60 sec. 

OBS!!! When you go through the scanning process, try to raise your eyebrows and look "surprised" rather than lowering your eyebrows and looking "angry/concentrated". This will make it easier for our fitting model to find the optimal fit for you.