Top 1% Biggest Crowdfunding Campaigns Ever -Thank you all!

The past 6 weeks have been amazing. A rollercoaster of emotions but all on the happy/exciting scale. 

We started out by having a launch party in Copenhagen inviting the who-is-who on the Danish swimming scene, our friends and most importantly our family. They helped us making some buzz on the Danish scene and getting the much wanted initial traction to our Kickstarter campaign. 30% of our target was reached within a matter of hours.!

Next step was the US. We traveled across the country to meet up with swim teams to get their input and present the product to swimmers in all ages. We were fortunate that our trip took us to Austin, TX to meet up with the Texas Pro Swim & The Longhorn Swim team 🤘. 

From that point on things really took off, and we quickly reached our target - and doubled it. 

Now we are just excited, and really looking forward to starting producing your goggles and shipping them around the world. 

Tons of Love and gratitude from
Bo, Niklas, and Rasmus

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"I couldn't feel that I was wearing Goggles"

Daniel Skaaning, 3x Olympian